Sunday, 19 June 2011

Poetry and Printmaking Workshop

The group were extremely hard working and produced some fabulous poetry under the expert guidance of Caroline Gilfillan on day one. Then on the second day everyone learnt how to produce images using a variety of printmaking techniques and by the end of the day had portfolios of work to take home with them. Some of my favourite images from the day are shown above. Annette Rolston was the expert printmaking tutor - that's her on the left of the photo above.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pulse 2011 - a great success

Last Sunday the collaboration between us (Burlingham Hall) and Gabi Bolton (Original Little Bird) finally saw the light of day - at Pulse 2011.

The stand looked great thanks to Chris (Gates) and Gabi's hard work and the bags looked fantastic. 

It has been a long journey since last year when Chris contacted Gabi to ask if she'd like to collaborate with us on a bag using her fabrics. I had found Gabi's fabulous fabric designs during a routine trawl of the web - one of those times when you start in one place and end up in a completely unintentional site and discover new things. Such was the case and in fact it was a "suitcase" Gabi had covered with one of her designs that set the ball rolling. I sent Chris the link to her page and suggested that perhaps the Burlingham Traveller that he had designed and was producing in plain canvas, might look good in Gabi's fabrics. Chris agreed, phoned Gabi and the rest is history.

There was steady interest in us, everyone loved the bags even if they were outside their price range and we secured some fantastic orders. Totally and utterly fabulous!